Randy "Duke" Cunningham, one of North America's most highly decorated ACE pilot veterans, has amassed an extensive collection of aviation lithographs, photography and more. These artifacts, which tell the story of some of America's greatest moments, are now available to collectors.

Randall "Duke" Cunningham Bio

The story of Randall "Duke" Cunningham, one of only two military ACE pilots in the Vietnam War, is one of great bravery and personal sacrifice in combat.

Vietnam Air Battles
On January 19, 1972, Cunningham engaged two enemy military aircraft – MiG 21s and shot down the lead aircraft. The following May, he engaged three enemy MiG 17s, shooting down the MIG on his wingman's tail while he was being attacked by two MiGs.

Just two days later, on May 10, 1972 Cunningham was attacked by 22 MiGs. He shot down three of the enemy planes, making him the first ACE pilot in the war. He shot down a MIG chasing his executive officer's plane while being directly attacked by 10 MiGs. For this action, Cunningham was nominated for the Medal of Honor.

While heading out of the target area after all of the other strike force members were safe, Cunningham was hit by a surface to air missile. He flew the crippled aircraft 30 miles until it exploded, forcing him to eject over enemy territory.

Among his other awards, Cunningham has received the Navy Cross, the second highest national award; two Silver Stars; 15 Air Medals; Navy Commendation Medal; Purple Heart, Presidential Unit Citation; Navy Unit Commendation Medal; South Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry; and the Cross of Gallantry Oak Leaf.

“Top Gun” Commander
Later in his career, Cunningham served as a Top Gun Student Instructor and Commanding Office of the Elite Adversary Squadron. Many of his real life actions were depicted in the critically acclaimed movie, "Top Gun."

A U.S. Congressman for 16 years, Cunningham served as Chairman to the Intelligence Committee and on the Education Committee.

A former College Dean, Cunningham has a Master of Arts in Education and Business from the University of Missouri. He is a Tigers fan though he now lives in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas.

Cunningham, now retired, enjoys HSV lakes, Bible Church and serves as a volunteer fireman. He is currently writing his sixth and seventh books, which will be on sale on this website soon!